Can civilization survive the many crises that now confront it?

The current course of human development leads to intensifying warfare, ecosystem breakdown, and civilization collapse. However, there is another way...

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Civilization Faces Five Key Challenges


We are cut off from critical feedback concerning the impact of our actions on other human beings and on the biosphere


The global scale and complexity of modern civilization lead to catastrophic tipping points and unintended consequences.


Civilization creates massive inequalities in wealth and power and perpetuates destructive conflicts.


Industrial capitalism is causing critical resource depletion and ecosystem collapse.


Control over decision-making by a small, self-interested elite locks in patterns of domination and exploitation.


Kevin MacKay is a sociology professor, union activist, and Executive Director of a non-profit community development co-operative. He combines extensive research into the crisis of civilization with years of experience working in movements that seek to transform society and build a sane and humane future.

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